Welcome to SKMN Insolvency!



SKMN Insolvency is a dynamic team of licensed insolvency practitioners with a wealth of experience to address struggling businesses. We will provide clients with clarity on the options available and work alongside clients to bring about the best possible outcome.


SKMN Insolvency team is made up of 3 licensed liquidators assisted by staff trained in international firms with main objective to save and preserve the business if this is not possible we will look for other options with less impact on stakeholders and guide clients through the process until completion. Our experience of having dealt with so many different types of businesses and situation help us to do this.


SKMN Insolvency is regulated by Malaysia Institute of Accountants and Malaysia Department of Insolvency and the services provided are covered by professional indemnity insurance of AXA Affin General Insurance Bhd. SKMN Insolvency’s directors are also approved liquidators in the Labuan Offshore Centre.


Contacting SKMN Insolvency should be viewed as a positive step and not as last resort. The sooner we are consulted the more options will be available.